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Asst-Laboratory I - A6300

Company: SSM Health
Location: Saint Louis
Posted on: June 26, 2022

Job Description:

All the duties and standards of this position will be performed according to established policies, procedures and guidelines within the department and the health system. These examples of work are not all-encompassing or restrictive and are expected to vary with changing needs and priorities. The duties for a specific position with this title will be defined and assigned by the immediate department director/manager.STATEMENT OF PURPOSEPerforms duties in Phlebotomy, Processing, Transporting, Posting and/or Billing, Ancillary testing, Anatomical Pathology, Blood Bank, Special Testing and Microbiology, or other departments with the Pathology laboratory following prescribed procedures. The assistant laboratory I processes patients, specimens, orders, reports, requests; assists pathologists and residents in the performance of autopsies, collects and transports specimens in a courteous, timely and accurate manner. Refers unusual problems to appropriate superior. Sets priorities with changing workload to insure the final reporting of test results are within prescribed time limits.POSTION ACCOUNTABILITIES AND PERFORMANCE CRITERIA (% of Time)Essential Functions: The following are essential job accountabilities and performance criteria. These functions are measured by: supervisory observation, quality assurance findings, written documentation, results of accreditation inspections and as reported by others.* Denotes the essential job functions according to ADA guidelines.*1. Accurately and precisely performs duties following clinical procedures and standards. Ensures that patient identification information matches test request information consistently. Performs routine, timed, and STAT venipuncture or capillary sticks from any patient. Correctly labels tubes and requisitions consistently. Processes patients, specimens, orders, reports, requests; collects and transports specimens in a courteous, timely and accurate manner. (1,3,5,6,7)CriteriaA) Responds to STAT orders immediately and meets turnaround times for routine and STAT specimens consistently.B) Records appropriate comments in the Hospital Information System when applicable.C) Collects and enters charges in a timely manner.D) Records test volumes accurately.E) Handles equipment as trained.F) Recognizes and reports computer malfunctions to supervisory personnel.G) Responsible for specimen collection and adheres to laboratory phlebotomy policies and procedures.H) Identifies patient correctly consistently.I) Prepare phlebotomy trays/properly disposes of used equipment.J) Obtains specimens without assistance consistently.K) Coordinates drawing so the patients do not have to be stuck unnecessarily.L) Uses correct labeling procedures consistently.M) Has less than three patient complaints per year concerning treatment or technique.N) Responsible for proper specimen processing, follows procedures for reference work and billing of patients.O) Determines suitability of submitted specimens, checks for proper labeling, receives specimen in the hospital information system with no more than five errors per year and re-labels specimen tubes by laboratory procedures consistently.P) Centrifuges samples, prepares aliquots and properly stores specimens according to test instructions consistently.Q) Distributes processed specimens to the appropriate departments in a timely basis, processes routine specimens correctly within one hour, stats within one half hour and has no more than five complaints per year.R) Prepares specimens and requisitions from reference laboratories accurately and files reports according to procedure consistently.S) Records results from reference laboratories accurately and files reports according to hospital procedures, with no more than three errors per year.T) Credits/charges in the hospital information system or prepares batches for Data Processing.U) Responsible for scheduled hospital rounds and STAT transporting within 15 minutes with no more than three complaints per year.V) Follows established procedures for the basic operation of the tube system.W) Performs and documents Preventive Maintenance and Quality Control in a timely manner, when necessaryX) Issue units (RBC, FFP, Platelets, and Cry) per departmental procedure.Y) Able to use Compliance Checker: knows software, when and how to use it accuratelyZ) Accessions specimens accurately. Recognizes and resolves discrepancies.AA) Labels blocks properly.BB) Maintains department supplies.CC) Performs diener duties according to department procedures.DD) Files blocks/slides tissues accurately and in a timely fashion.EE) Prepares paperwork for registration and does follow-up.FF) Demonstrates the ability to assess a situation, consider alternatives and choose the appropriate course of action.GG) Works well under pressure, remaining calm and organized.HH) Ensures competency according to laboratory competency and education guidelines by completing training checklists and annual competency.II) Demonstrate ability to relate to coworkers in a professional and respectful manner, in order to assure and promote a culture of safety.*2. Provides good customer service with an accurate, prompt, and courteous response for inquiries from patients, physicians and other hospital staff, answering telephones calls by the third ring and identifying oneself ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTED MESSAGE ON THE TELEPHONE.CriteriaA) Uses a tone of voice, which demonstrates a caring attitude and a willingness to help.B) Displays courtesy with other staff, physicians, students and volunteers as internal customersC) Recognizes the needs and expectations of those people SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital servesD) Answers the telephones by responding to requests in a caring and timely fashion. Courteously answers the telephone utilizing the approved script (Department, Name and How May I Help You? and in closing Is there anything else I can do for you today?) keeps noise to a minimum.E) Extends apologies as appropriate when service fails and endeavors to take corrective action. Explains delays.F) Explains rationale and offers alternatives when unable to fulfill a request.G) Presents employee identification to customers by properly wearing identification badges and extends a personal introduction. Wears badge on person in the appropriate position face out above the waist.H) Solicits customer feedback to improve service.I) Displays understanding of how job relates to others.J) Is able to work independently when necessary without direct supervisionK) Keeps personal phone calls to a minimum so they dont interfere with work.*3. Utilizes problem-solving skills in a variety of situations, which require corrective actions, consistently. Handles general lab issues as indicated, always exercising sound and professional judgment in determining items that require referral. Informs immediate supervisor in a timely and accurate manner of all decisions made.CriteriaA) Identifies viability of specimens and communicates problems to appropriate personnel.B) Correctly locates and fills in patient or other information when missing.C) Is able to recognize inappropriate specimens and specimens with collection and/or labeling errors and takes appropriate action to obtain a new specimen and record problems in hospital information system.D) Assumes initiative to resolve problems.E) Assumes responsibility and ownership in solving problems and helps to resolve complaints.*4) PEOPLE: Apply high-quality management and leadership principles to foster continued employee development. Treat each other and our patients with respect and dignity. Hold integrity and honesty as our most important principle and perform at the highest ethical standard at all times. CriteriaA) Able to work with diverse populations (patient, staff, physicians) under difficult and stressful situations. Supports the team approach. Committed to Target 100 values.B) Utilizes positive and constructive criticism to improve overall practice. Has a positive attitude.C) Teamwork: Understands and supports the needs of individuals in other departments, works as a team to achieve mutual goals. Aids and promptly responds to requests (patient, physician, manager and others).D) Works well under pressure, remaining calm and organized.E) Communicates and follows the organizational chain of command for notification of patient care/service issues when appropriate.F) Uses complaints as opportunities by being supportive and addressing concerns promptly with courtesy and respect. Avoids blaming others.5) GROWTH: Maintains professional growth, development, competency and education through reading, seminars, workshops, conferences, and professional affiliations, always selecting activities which are relative to current/upcoming issues and concerns in area of responsibility and which will maximize benefits to the department and health system.CriteriaA) Offers opinion and information that reflect positively on SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital .B) Understands how individual job performance affects department and hospital growth.C) Establishes yearly personal goals that enhance job skill & performance.D) Maintains quality of work with the up and down of the department workload.E) Maintains high productivity levels. 6) Accepts, follows up, and completes all additional duties that will need to be performed to maintain quality work and provide excellent service to our customers.CriteriaA) Is a change agent to accomplish additional dutiesB) Willingly accepts new tasks in the daily shift routineC) Proactively can reprioritize tasks to accomplish all requirements in time allottedD) Responsible for the supervision and teaching of studentsE) Trains new employees and identifies and refers training needs to manager in a timely manner with verification of checklists, tests and evaluations.7) QUALITY: Achieve standards of excellence that become the benchmark of industry practices. Strive for daily improvement in everything we do. Use innovation and creativity to identify and solve problems.CriteriaA) Policies/Procedures: Is aware of and follows all hospital and departmental policies and procedures.B) Punctuality: Clocks in by the scheduled start time of the shift & is ready for work. Continues working until scheduled departure time. Leaves as scheduled unless overtime or leaving early is approved by supervisor.C) Work Habits: Readily accepts work assignments in a positive manner. Performs work that is accurate, neat, and consistent. Documentation is legible.D) Ensures that the right of all patients is respected and maintained by allowing for privacy, culture diversity and dignity in the provision of care.E) Avoids use of work time for personal business.F) Returns from lunch and breaks promptly.G) Willingness to adjust personal schedule in case of emergency department need.8) COST: Demonstrates ongoing fiscal accountability, using both time and supplies efficiently and effectively to minimize waste or overtime and maximize productivity.CriteriaA) Ensures that personnel and supplies of the organization are used in a cost-effective manner.B) Identifies cost saving strategies for department/hospital.C) Submits accurate hospital charges.D) Responds to changes in workload using time to departmental advantage.E) Minimizes overtime as approved.9) Safety/Infection Control: Practices according to safety and infection control policies. (1,2,3,4,5) 5%CriteriaA) Practices universal precautions and disposes of hazardous wastes per established guidelines.B) Maintains a safe, clean, comfortable and therapeutic environment for patients/families/employees in accordance with hospital standards.1. Maintains clutter free environment.2. Keeps conversations and background noise to a minimum3. Adheres to dress code.C) Reports risk management concerns.D) Assumes responsibility for completing all annual mandatory requirements:1. Safety/Fire2. Blood Borne Pathogen3. Hazardous Communication4. TB5. Department Specific6. Age Appropriate Care (if appropriate)E) Consistently uses personal protective equipment (PPE) as mandated.10) SERVICE: Demonstrates Target 100 service always to department customers; patients, physicians, each other, visitors, other departments, and University employees. Meet the needs of each patient, whose care is our primary purpose and mission. (1,2,3,4,5) 10%CriteriaA) Demonstrates courteous, polite, friendly and cooperative behavior toward others.B) Supports and participates in activities that promote customer satisfaction.C) Utilizes approved hospital scripts. Courteously answer the telephone utilizing the approved script (Department, Name and How May I help you? and in closing Is there anything else I can do for you today?).D) Encourages other staff to demonstrate Target 100 service skills.E) Ensures communication of workflow and/or issues about incomplete or pending tests, instruments, or departmental problemF) Performs any other duties or responsibilities that may be assigned.11) Quality Improvement (QI): Incorporates Quality Assessment into ones daily work. (1,2,3,4,5) 5%CriteriaA) Offers suggestions for departmental and/or hospital-wide performance/process improvement.B) Gets involved. Demonstrates initiative to solve quality problems by direct action and/or PI committee work.*DISCLAIMER: Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

  • Puts supplies away and rotates stock.
  • Helps maintain appropriate amount of supplies.
  • Minimizes overtime.
  • Crosstrain when necessary and maintain competency.
  • Excels in current internal and external customer service expectations and has documented evidence, i.e., POPS or peer Thank you s.
  • Knowledgeable in regulatory issues.
  • Maintains proper documentation for all self-achievements.
  • Consistently flexes schedule to accommodate department needs.
  • Serves as a resource person for the department by informing senior personnel of unusual problems/issues, provides medical personnel of proper phlebotomy instructions for specific tests or specific department procedures and policies, and helps medical staff with finding results and proper specimen requirements for reference testing.
  • Follows up with medical staff when inappropriate specimens are submitted.Rationale for Essential Functions1) The performance of this function is the reason the job exists.2) There are limited employees among whom the performance of this function can be distributed.3) This function occupies a great deal of the employees time.4) This function is highly specialized. Employees are hired for the skill/ability to perform this function.5) Failure to perform this function may have serious consequences.6) The function was performed by past employees and is performed by current employees.7) Exposure to blood borne pathogens that requires the use of protective equipment.8) Exposure to tuberculosis that requires the use of protective equipment.Job Specifications:A) EDUCATION AND TRAINING: High School Diploma, GED, or grandfathered through experience. None necessary, but Medical Assisting or Phlebotomy Certificates preferredB) LICENSING/REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION: NoneC) EXPERIENCE: None, but some preferredD) SKILLS AND ABILITIES:A) CPR certification is not required.B) Good oral, written and electronic data communication skills enabling the translation of facts to/from a variety of sources both within and outside of the laboratory.C) Good interpersonal skills.D) Ability to work with and interpret numbers and figures.E) Ability to manage time, organize daily schedule to meet productivity standards and cope with professional stress.F) Work requires the knowledge and skills necessary to provide direct patient care appropriate to patient population of specialty:
    • Adult (15 - 65 years)
    • Geriatric (> 65 years)PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/WORKING CONDITIONS:A) Manual dexterity, coordination and skillful use of hands when working with equipment.B) Ability to tolerate exposure to hazardous chemicals.C) Sufficiently sighted, including color discrimination, to perform analyses.D) Physical limitations must not impede working with instrumentation and moving easily between multiple workstations.E) Ability to physically perform necessary documentation in writing or using tape recorder.F) Physical and mental abilities to meet expected turnaround times in the lab environment and customer service.G) Exposure to blood and body fluids.H) Exposure to blood borne pathogens and other biological hazards.I) Subject to electrical hazards.J) Exposure to tuberculosis that requires the use of protective equipmentK) Ability to input and retrieve information from instrumentation and laboratory information systems.L) Ability to manipulate safely biological hazards.M) Occasional prolonged standing/walking and sitting.N) Occasionally lifts, position push, and /or transfers supplies.O) Occasional reaching stooping, bending, kneeling, crouch, lifting, pushes pulling 30+ poundsP) Occasional, pulling 100+ pounds.EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDGMENT:I have reviewed, and I understand the job duties and expectations outlined in this job description. I agree to perform the work in a manner acceptable to my immediate supervisor and within guidelines defined in the policies and procedures of SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. I also understand that continued employment will depend on my demonstrated ability to perform the work as expected.Employee: _________________________________________ Date: _____________Supervisor: ________________________________________ Date: ______________Department Director: ________________________________ Date: ______________Administration: ______________________________________ Date: _____________The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not to be construed, as an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, and skills required of personnel so classified. An individual working in their job classification must also perform specific tasks upon request by supervisor personnel. Furthermore, the duties and responsibilities for this job classification are subject to change at the discretion of the medical center.Required
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      • Customer Service

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